Versatile offers Housekeeping services that includes cleaning of the customer premises which features cleaning of table tops, window glasses, toilets, lobby and passages of the premises through out the day, vacuuming of carpet, removal and disposal of garbage, cleaning of back entrance, fire exists etc. We provide our trained staff for the client’s convenience and helps in setting up entire services for housekeeping purposes.

All the teams we deploy at the client’s carry a check-list of the specific places they must clean  like a professional housekeeper. At the completion of the cleaning, they get the written feedback of client on every project without fail, so that the company and the management team knows about the comfort factor of the client’s concerning the quality of home cleaning services provided.

Range For Housekeeping Services:-

  • Housekeeping Services For Office
  • Housekeeping Services Industry/Pharma Plant
  • Corporate Housekeeping Services
  • Ware House/Guest House
  • Housekeeping Services for Govt Offices
  • Housekeeping Services Malls and Retails Outlets

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